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March 22 2020

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Yulianna Sardar photographed by Anastasia Lisitsyna for MY812 Fall/Winter 2019.

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March 21 2020

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March 20 2020

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A jednak potrzeba mi Twoich słów i trzeba Twojej pamięci. Pamiętaj o mnie, dobrze? Może będę się mniej bała, może będę usypiała spokojniej.

    — Poświatowska

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March 19 2020

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Isafjordur, Iceland

March 18 2020

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{An image from the Slow Living issue of Where Women COOK. Issue on newsstands now, or order at www.wherewomencreate.com}

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March 17 2020

March 16 2020

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